Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Do I Erase The Email List On Facebook

blog post for Twitter to share

If you have something you posted with you what you want to share their love for Twitter, is not difficult.
  1. log in to Blogger a
  2. go to "Design"
  3. in the middle in Blog Posts "edit" then "turn release buttons
  4. in a new window in front of a check mark set
  5. on the button below "Save"
  • Now if you write a post, you have it first also published.
  • Then you allow yourselves to view your blog and clicks in your post below on the Twitter-t.
  • It goes to a new window. There you your blog title, the post title and the link you see there.
  • Below is shown the total number of available characters. In most cases you can still do what short texts. Sufficient for the number of characters pending.
  • Next to "Tweet" below the box and click the message is on Twitter online.
It may be that you have then you log on to Twitter or separately to release the post. I can not say exactly, because I was logged into my attempt at Twitter already. But that probably would not be a problem . Represent

Let me know where I can read along with you. ;-)

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